How busy leaders & executives use Time Check

Here are a few of our favorite use cases for those of you leading the troops...

#1 - Enforce on-time meetings every time

The work day seems to rush by, and there's always more to do as a leader. When meetings start late, this delays the conversations that need to happen to get everyone rowing in the same direction with gusto.

Having team members use the free Time Check plugin for Chrome & Google Calendar means that you can finally stop Greg from using the excuse that "my last meeting ran over." (Bonus: If you're Greg...this will help you too!)

Here's how you do it:

  1. Send your team an invite email like the following: "Hey Team, I'd like to make sure we're all respecting each other's time and getting our meetings started when they're supposed to. To make sure that happens, let's all install Time Check and use it to set reminders 3-5 minutes before we're supposed to join calls together. It's free, easy to use, and I'm already a fan."*
  2. If the team is struggling to make it work for any reason, send us a note. We'll be happy to share a personalized video thanks to our friends at Potion. Better yet, you could send a personalized video! (Potion's also an amazing free Chrome app.)
  3. Use Time Check yourself to create alarms when your meetings are due to start and end. If your team sees you using it (definitely include a visual and audible alert), they're more likely to use it too.

*Google Calendar users can do all this in a single click, and can even create a default "Offset" (e.g. buffer) so that alarms go off a few minutes before the start time.

#2 - Make sure to stop other activities before mission-critical meetings

Focus and determination are great qualities in an executive, but it's easy to get tunnel vision while working on important initiatives. When those time blocks butt up against essential meetings, it's easy to arrive a few minutes late.

Enter the 5-minute warning with Time Check.

Here's how you do it:

  1. As you start your day, pull up your calendar.
  2. Set an alarm for 5 minutes before any mission-critical meeting is set to begin. (If your demo ends at 2:00pm, set the alarm for 1:55pm.)
  3. If you're in another meeting when the alarm goes off, try saying something like the following: "[Name], that's my 5 minute reminder. I've got just a couple of minutes before I've got to get ready for another meeting. Can we make sure we hit on next steps?"

#3 - Force yourself to be more disciplined

Even the world's most productive people get distracted. Whether you're spending time scrolling through old memories on Instagram or reading the latest industry news, it's easy to let a few minutes turn into a lot of lost time.

Whatever you get distracted by, it's easy to use Time Check to set limits for yourself.

Here's how you do it:

  1. When you going to enjoy a few minutes of a non-essential activity, open up Time Check.
  2. Set a countdown alarm for 10 minutes or whatever length you determine ahead of time for this activity. (If it's more than 10 minutes it should probably be on your calendar anyway.)
  3. Make sure to use the most obnoxious sound (Warning or Siren will do nicely) & the Siren visual alert.

Bonus: If you struggle to put an end to the scrolling, BlockSite's chrome extension can stop you in your tracks with a pretty funny reminder.

Ready to conquer the world and lead your team to glory? You betcha! Now get out there and keep your time in check!

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