• It's like a tiny assistant whispering in your ear...

      "Hey boss, it's time for that meeting!"


      Easy to use & adaptable to your needs

      Choose from two alarm modes, two visual alerts, and five sounds.


      Clock Mode

      Countdown Mode

      Pick from five alarm sounds

      Choose between two visual alerts

    • Are you a Googlizer?

      If you use Google Calendar, our frictionless integration makes it easy to create alarms in a single click.

    • Time Check has applications for everyone.


      Except maybe butchers. We'll leave them to do their business on their time. They carry knives.

      For everyone else, we have some cool ideas.

    • FAQ

      Why should I use Time Check?


      Honestly we couldn't find another app that does what Time Check does.


      It's free, easy to use, and makes a real difference in your ability to stay on top of your day.

      Is Time Check free?


      You betcha! Totally, 100% free.


      We'll never charge you to use our app.

      What's next for Time Check?


      We just released V2 with our calendar integration, so we're looking forward to your feedback for next releases!


      Subscribe below & we'll keep you in the loop.

      Who created Time Check?


      Rex Biberston designed Time Check to help him stay on top of the many Zoom meetings he attends as a remote sales and marketing leader at Opensense.


      He'd love to hear from you!

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